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Using a PCT After a Cycle of SARMs

If you’re anything like most dedicated bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts, you probably already have an idea what SARMS are and how they can help you realize the goals you’ve set when it comes to sculpting the physique that you’ve always wanted.

But the question is do you still have to get a post cycle therapy or PCT going after you use them in your bodybuilding program? Make sure you follow along to find out.

However, before we get right down to the details, let me give you a quick rundown on what a post cycle therapy is and why it should be a top priority in your checklist after cycling through prohormones and anabolic steroids.

Post Cycle Therapy 101

You can easily think of post cycle therapy or PCT as a process in which you normalize hormonal levels in your body. There are some hormones in your system, particularly estrogen, that tend to experience an abnormal surge after cycling with anabolic steroids and prohormones.

Unless the estrogen in your body is regulated and brought back to ideal levels through post cycle therapy or PCT, you become extremely vulnerable to a number of serious side effects sooner or later.

These side effects range from sailing blood pressure levels and left ventricular hypertrophy to gynecomastia or “bitch tits,” acne breakouts as well as significantly losing most of the gains that you’ve worked really hard for pumping iron.

What are SARMS?

To put it simply, selective androgen receptor modulators or SARMS are orally-ingested pharmaceutical products that are designed to set off the same effects as anabolic steroids and prohormones when taken properly.

Akin to prohormones and anabolic steroids, SARMS can pick up the pace on lean muscle growth as well as increasing strength levels. They can also be used to shed off unwanted fat, recomp, bulking and cutting. SARMS can even aid in preventing muscle loss during weight loss as well as speed up the rehabilitation of injured muscles.

But what’s really interesting about SARMS is that they don’t disrupt the body’s hormonal levels to trigger the results you want compared to their prohormone and anabolic steroid counterparts.

Here are a few more of their benefits that you’ll find appealing:

  • Does not inhibit your HPTA levels to the large extent of steroids (no large reduction in LH or FSH)
  • No conversion to estrogen and dihydrotestosterone
  • No harsh liver toxicity from methylated compounds
  • Taken orally and not injected

So Do You Need PCT After Using SARMS?

And now the answer for the million-dollar question…

No, you don’t need to have a post cycle therapy or PCT after using SARMS. It’s one of the biggest reasons why SARMS are gathering quite a loyal following these days. Since they don’t disrupt the hormonal levels in the body, you won’t be prone to the nasty side effects that anabolic steroid and prohormone cycles can trigger without a proper PCT program.

Not only that, but you can actually use SARMs to help you in your PCT and regulate your hormonal levels, without the need for pills like Nolvadex or Letrozole.

All you need is some basic over the counter post cycle therapy supplements and you’re good to go. You can find the best ones at the lowest prices by clicking HERE.

If you’re looking to find out more useful stuff about post cycle therapy or PCT, make sure you click here.

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  1. Jason says

    I’m going to run the cutting cycle from sarmsstore1 (GW & S4). Do I need to run a pct for that stack?

    1. Chris Wallace says

      No PCT is needed for GW501516 and I wouldn’t recommend spending money on PCT for S4 either. S4, though it has interesting effects on the vision while on cycle, it is also pretty mild compared to the potency of other SARMs.

  2. Ryan Ramos says

    Hello, this is my first cycle ever and I am very curious on how to address this. I was thinking about taking ostarine 12.5 to 20 mg per day. However does this need a on cycle treatment? I heard it needs a pct but I’m not really sure what to use. I heard using hcgenerate is important what are your thoughts on this? Finally can you use hcgenerate and ostarine one after another or do they have to be split throughout the day? Thank you

  3. Cody Wright says

    I have oxan-vr. Does it need a PCT with it?

  4. Carson says

    I am getting ready to run my first cycle of LGD-4033. What PCT should I take? Thanks

  5. Lewis says

    I am about to begin an eight week cycle with Cardarine and Ostarine. Will I need to do a PCT for that?

    1. Tyler says

      My rats took 1 month of s4 ostarine and Cardarine and after the cycle they didn’t feel diminished in any hormone perspective, still had erections as they did before the cycle and no testicular atrophy. I still have them 2 weeks of 15mg/day of liquinol though just to be safe

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