AC-262,536: A Promising Step Forward to Improve Testosterone Therapies

Chemical Name: 1-ethyl-2-[2-(2-methoxyphenyl)ethenyl]benzimidazole
Other Name(s): AC-262,536
Molecular Name: C18H18N2O

AC-262,536 is a non-steroidal, selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) that has the ability to boost muscle growth. In animal studies, AC-262,536 has shown to be highly selective in targeting muscle and bone.

 AC-262,536 is considered to be a ‘weaker’ SARM, with a number of interesting benefits that may make it worth adding to your next cycle.


AC-262,536 was created by biopharmaceutical company ACADIA Pharmaceuticals in San Diego, California.

Although it was initially discovered and studied in 2007, limited research has been conducted since and there are no human clinical studies to date.

However, initial animal studies show promise in a range of areas including building muscle growth, protecting against prostate cancer and improving Alzheimer’s Disease.

How it works

As with all SARMs, AC-262,536 works by activating muscle and bone androgen receptors rather than sexual tissue. The androgen receptor (AR) primarily targets normal human sexual development, but its activation by compounds (such as testosterone) also affects bone, muscle, liver and the central nervous system.

The problem within the medical and bodybuilding communities is that using testosterone to activate AR signaling for increased muscle and bone development also affects the sex tissues, resulting in testes shrinkage, prostate cancer risks and enlarged clitoris in females.

AC-262,536, a nonsteroidal selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) bypasses this issue by binding to the androgen receptor.

This stimulation results in androgen receptor activation in bone and muscle cell, rather than raising liver enzymes or affecting sexual tissue.

Benefits of ac-262,536

Although studies are limited, there are 4 core benefits of supplementing with AC-262,536.

  • AC-262,536 may increase muscle mass.   A 2-week study of male castrated rates indicated that AC-262,536 significantly improved anabolic parameters, particularly in stimulating growth in the levator ani (pelvic muscle). In comparison to testosterone, AC-262,536 improved muscle growth at 66% the capacity of testosterone, but without the negative side effects of steroid use.
  • AC-262,536 may help Alzheimer’s Disease.   Reduced Androgen Receptor levels are a known symptom of Alzheimer’s Disease. A study by Acadia Pharmaceuticals shows that AC-262,536 restored AR levels in castrated mice to intact levels. Additionally, the study showed that mice treated with AC-262,536 showed greater spatial memory than control rats, suggesting that the SARM may help reduce Alzheimer’s symptoms.More research is needed, but the results are promising.
  • AC-262,536 may help prevent prostate cancer.   AC-262,536 shows promise in the prevention of prostate cancer thanks to its ability to strongly antagonize the effect of dihydroxytestosterone (DHT). The link between DHT and prostate cancer is DHT’s ability to increase the growth of the prostate cells.As AC-262,536 decreases the effects of DHT, it shows promise in minimizing the risk of prostate cancer as well as decreasing the size of the prostate overall.
  • AC-262,536 decreases elevated levels of Luteinizing Hormone.   Studies show that AC-262,536 decreases elevated levels of Luteinizing Hormone (LH). Although this may seem counter-intuitive as LH is a precursor to natural testosterone production, there are some diseases that may benefit from lowering abnormally high LH levels.Keep in mind that even with decreased LH levels, AC-262,536 still managed to produce similar effects of testosterone on muscle growth and development.

Side Effects

As with most SARMs, studies show that AC-262,536 does not appear to have any side effects common to steroidal compounds. Unlike testosterone, AC-262,536 does not cause prostate enlargement or testes shrinkage – in fact, it has been shown to suggest a decrease in prostate size.

However, as it is still in early developmental stages, this does not mean that there are no long-term effects. More research needs to be conducted on this compound.

Dosing Recommendations

As there have not been any human clinical studies to date, dosing recommendations come from individuals who have used AC-262,536 for performance and strength enhancing purposes.


10mg-30mg per day

Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)

Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) is required when taking SARMS to help preserve muscle gains, prevent fat accumulation, maintain mood and motivation, and retain strength in muscles. Cycling also helps to allow hormone levels to return to their natural state in order to prevent unwanted dependency.

Typically, a PCT will last the same duration as supplementation. So if a user supplemented with a hormone for 12 weeks, a PCT of 12 weeks would also be required to bring their hormones back to baseline.

But do I need a PCT when taking SARMs?

Because SARMs do not disrupt hormone levels in the body, a traditional PCT is not necessary. However, many users report taking a mini PCT such as a Test Booster for 4 weeks to ensure hormone levels are balanced.

Additionally, as AC-262,536 has not been clinically trialed on humans and has shown an indication to decrease LH levels, a PCT would be a good idea.

Where to Buy Online

If you’re interested in trying AC-262,536, you can purchase a high-quality product at Innovative Research Chemicals.

Final Review

Although there is limited information on AC-262,536, there is still potential for this SARM in your bodybuilding toolkit.

Some commentators may suggest that, due to its minimal profile in the athletic and bodybuilding community, it may be difficult to test for this compound. Adding to the fact that the results are similar to those of testosterone, AC-262,536 may produce favorable results while being relatively undetected.


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